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Luke Evans plays Marston, who is preeningly vain in his three-piece suit, lecturing on psychology in the 1920s to a class full of simperingly submissive co-eds. is intellectually brilliant but constricted by the sexist conventions of academe; she has to look on, wryly aware that her husband could misbehave himself with any of these acolytes if he wished.

It comes to pass with a smart and beautiful student, Olive (Bella Heathcote), who is, in fact, a little more in love with Elizabeth than William.

More than either of her lovers, she knows all too well the struggle of trying to live outside of the usual societal boundaries.

Hall's performance as Elizabeth is nothing short of remarkable — you can see Elizabeth's conflicting emotions, and her continual efforts to tamp them down, playing out across her face with just a tremble of a lip.

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9, 2017) By Kate Erbland The year’s other big “Wonder Woman” movie includes plenty that would never make the cut in not just a studio-issued superhero blockbuster, but the vast majority of paint-by-number biopics, including: two long-form sequences involving a threesome, a secret venture to a clandestine sex toy-selling lingerie shop, a lie detector machine used as a form of foreplay, ropes, ropes, and more ropes, and a unshakable belief in the true power and reach of feminism.

William and his whipsmart wife Elizabeth (a wonderfully restrained Hall) approach most things with a rigorous brand of academic-leaning chatter — it’s both foreplay and genuine curiosity that pushes them to ask each other (and others) about their innermost desires.

For another, she’s searching for something bigger than just that. Elizabeth’s first suspicions, that Olive and William are about to embark on a passionate affair, prove incorrect.

Turns out, it’s the three of them that are about to fall in love.

It's not that her give-no-fucks attitude is a front.

It's that Bill is a man and Olive is a beautiful young woman, while Elizabeth's always been a bit of an outsider.

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All three lead performances are marvelous, but Hall's is the one that stayed with me all the way home.

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