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That’s the message of History is not always written by the victors.Often the losers knit together a version of past events that disposes of the more damning details and casts their side in a more favorable light.But as the dust settles and reality sets in, we’re already witnessing signs of social amnesia. On the day of the decision, I posted a satirical tweet about how millions of straight conservative Christians were shocked to discover their marriages had not actually been harmed by the Supreme Court’s decision.Some conservatives responded that this was “straw man” and a “bogus red herring.” They contended that conservatives never made such arguments.In the 1970’s, UCLA history professor Russell Jacoby studied trends in the collective forgetting of groups of people.He dubbed it “social amnesia.” Others since then have also noted the tendency of groups to collectively repress history, usually because remembering the facts is not in the group’s best interest.Preachers regularly promoted the idea that AIDS was God’s judgment on LGBT people.And money began to flow into “ex-gay” Christian ministries that promised to make LGBT people straight, but ended up making them suicidal instead.

The decision, though expected, plunged conservatives into varying states of mourning, uncertainty, retreat, and retrenchment.

We can no longer pretend that sexism is a thing of the past.

Or that powerful men can be trusted to behave with decorum and respect in the workplace. a new book by Bromleigh Mc Cleneghan, an associate pastor at Union Church outside of Chicago.

In times of cultural crisis, societies have no choice but to enter a period of rethinking.

America has crossed the rubicon with the recent tidal wave of sex abuse scandals.

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When it comes to conservative Christianity, it seems the more things change, the more things stay the same.

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