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Alex dating success

Rothe-Kushel also directed his first music video for a song called "Dormant Prayer".After the band disbanded, Band met Aaron Kamin when Kamin was dating Band's sister.They both began writing songs and jamming as far back as 1996 and soon formed the band "Generation Gap" that consisted of him and Kamin, a musician he met when Kamin began dating his sister, and a few much older musicians.At this stage, the band also had saxophonist, Benny Golbin, giving the songs a more jazzy sound reminiscent of Dave Matthews Band.His mother is Meda Band, and his father, Charles Band, is a well known horror film director.His grandfather Albert Band was also another well known director.In a world so full of different religions and so many people fighting over whose belief is the correct one, it frustrates me to think that they all really boil down to the same thing." At a young age, Band's parents divorced and his father remarried.

Meet people in your area, join flirty conversations in our chatrooms, date online and have fun!He began playing guitar and song writing at the age of 8.He soon formed his first band with friend and filmmaker, Jethro Rothe-Kushel, called "Maybe Solitude".Band's father is Jewish and his mother is Christian.Band explores spiritual themes in several of his songs though claims to be of no particular faith himself. I grew up with a Jewish Father who didn't practice and a Christian Mother whose only tie to Jesus was celebrating Christmas. And in this song I'm asking God what that should be..should I believe?

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After his parents divorce, his mother moved to Germany where she remarried and still resides. Growing up Band made small appearances in his father's films.

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