Are john hensley and joely richardson dating

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Are john hensley and joely richardson dating

Christian and Liz perform cosmetic surgery on an extraordinary ape to help her chances of reproducing.After learning that Ava (recurring guest star Famke Janssen) is a transgender woman, Matt questions his own sexuality and heads down a dark path.Christian and Kimber put the final touches on their wedding plans, but an unsigned prenuptial agreement casts a shadow of doubt across the occasion.Christian and Sean are stunned when Matt's new girlfriend, Ariel Alderman (recurring guest star Brittany Snow - "American Dreams," "The Pacifier"), reveals her racist beliefs.Liz Cruz (Roma Maffia) has a surprising announcement; and the driven Kimber Henry (Kelly Carlson), now drug-free and a successful adult film director, continues her dynamic relationship with Christian. Christian Troy (series star Julian Mc Mahon) are plastic surgeons, best friends and business partners who run Mc Namara/Troy, a prominent South Beach practice.Recurring guest stars this season include Famke Janssen, Rhona Mitra, Vanessa Redgrave, Brittany Snow, and Anne Heche. A seemingly conservative family man, Sean has come to realize that his financial success and perfect home can no longer mask the problems of his marriage.

Christian becomes the prime suspect in the Carver case after police find a damning piece of evidence at the scene of the latest Carver attack.Furious that Quentin is dating Julia, Sean resolves to do whatever it takes to force Quentin out of the practice.Christian claims to be fine after Kimber's sudden exit, but his relationship with a patient indicates otherwise.Joan Rivers also guest stars as herself this season. On the other hand, single and often promiscuous Christian has few inhibitions and enjoys the benefits of his lucrative career and good looks, even as he yearns to have a family of his own.Sean's marriage to disillusioned Julia (series star Joely Richardson) is crumbling, and his relationship with his 18-year-old son, Matt (series star John Hensley--not appearing in this episode), is troubled and tense. Liz Cruz (series star Roma Maffia) is the team's opinionated anesthesiologist.

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Christian performs surgery at his former fraternity house to help cover up a hazing ritual gone awry.