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C programming validating input

A Norwegian woman mistyped her account number on an internet banking system.Instead of typing her 11-digit account number, she accidentally typed an extra digit, for a total of 12 numbers.The first comes with the use of cin to read an integer from the console.If the user types a number, this will work just fine.A robust program would catch this error, provide a clear and appropriate error message, and ask the person to re-type their input.The second problem occurs when the array is accessed.

Some of the checks that you might want to use include: The safety of tools that read user input varies across programming languages and systems.

Generally, this data will be of a specific type: for example, a user interface that requests a person’s name might be written to expect a series of alphabetic characters.

If the correct type and form of data is provided, the program might work fine.

However, if the user types something that is not a number, the program may not work correctly.

Floating point values might be truncated to integers (3.2 becoming 3), and non-numeric input might lead to unpredictable behavior.

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This requirement leads to the type mismatch problem when – for example- a string such as “abcd” is typed in response to a request for an integer.