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The term is used to describe two different concepts.

In the initial stages of the Internet (ARPANET) addressing of hosts on the network was achieved by static translation tables that mapped hostnames to IP addresses.

In addition, this helped conserve the address space available, since not all devices might be actively used at all times and addresses could be assigned as needed.

This feature required that DNS servers be kept current automatically as well.

The private network behind these routers uses address space set aside for these purposes (RFC 1918), masqueraded by the NAT device.

This, however, broke the end-to-end principle of Internet architecture and methods were required to allow private networks, with frequently changing external IP addresses, to discover their public address and insert it into the Domain Name System in order to participate in Internet communications properly.

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The first implementations of dynamic DNS fulfilled this purpose: Host computers gained the feature to notify their respective DNS server of the address they had received from a DHCP server or through self-configuration.