Email on iphone 4s not updating

Posted by / 01-Nov-2017 16:39

So you may want to shut apps off individually and leave that one running. Enabled Wi-Fi means another radio is running, and using battery.It’s even worse if your Wi-Fi is on when you’re not connected to a specific network and your phone is constantly searching.If you receive a lot of phone calls, messages or alerts, your phone’s vibrator is working overtime.If you don’t absolutely need it, you can save precious battery life by turning it off. This feature adjusts your display’s brightness according to the lighting of your current environment.But if you believe that your battery isn’t lasting as long as it should, you might try out some of these tips.It seems like almost every app nowadays uses your location in some fashion, and all of that GPS work can drain your battery.Having your new emails automatically pushed to you is pretty convenient, but once again it will cost you battery life.

Even with its major hardware upgrades, the i Phone 4S was still supposed to have outstanding battery life. Given how much folks tend to play with new gadgets initially, it’s no surprise that some are seeing the device’s battery drain quicker than usual.

Just open up the Settings app, and select Location Services.

Keep in mind that if you turn off all location services, you’ll lose the ability to use Find My i Phone.

Not a jailbreak, this will permanently unlock your i Phone, guaranteed by us for life.

We whitelist your IMEI number in the official Apple i Tunes database, enabling you to use your i Phone on your choice of any GSM, LTE, or CDMA network carrier Worldwide.

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As these are official unlocking methods, they will work regardless of your model and your current version of i OS.