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My wife Lydia and I met while in the university in Colorado working on our undergraduate then graduate degrees.We have been married for four years now and we live near a mountainous tourist/resort town not far from where we went to university.And when they had been drinking, they also seemed to have an occasional penchant for popping in a porn movie late at night and then things did get very interesting which left no doubt in my mind that the three of them and maybe even Lydia had “fun” with each other.When Lydia and I got very serious and started sleeping with each other, occasionally I spent the night at the girl’s house.I and the others wondered were they all got this high energy level from.We all have known one woman or two that seemed to have unlimited boundless energy but here were four roommates that all had it!

It seemed they preferred going out with their other girlfriends partying and dancing or with Lydia and I, preferably with us.

In fact I could not keep up with the growing clientele, in fact thinking about adding a business partner, maybe even two to expand as well as help out.

We live outside of town on a very secluded 250 acre mountainous tract that is surrounded by much larger tracts of land, very large ranches actually.

The government still had not totally revised the 1874 Mining Act, so with the help with a university geology professor, we were able to prove the shallow 200 foot old mine no longer produced assayable precious minerals and were able to acquire the property for a very ridiculously small fraction of the local real estate prices.

We have a 5600 square foot custom log home built in the mountain lodge style.

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At first it was disconcerting that Rachel, Erica and Ashley would also hold hands with me together with Lydia, or not.., as well as individually calling or texting me as much as Lydia did. I can barely remember the times when one or more did not accompany us, but it never bothered me, especially with their great personalities and I greatly enjoyed the open flirtation that again Lydia seemed to encourage not only with the girls but I with them as well.