Ik dating sri lanka

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Ik dating sri lanka

Of the translators mentioned by IRF, two are western indologists who had their own Christian agenda.They can no way be considered relevant for understanding of Vedas.2.Had Mecca (Makkah) been on Equator, perhaps some credibility could have been attached to IRF claims.But as per modern science, in a non-flat world, Mecca lies at 21-29 N. (The importance given to Mecca in Islam is because of historical reasons dating prior to advent of Islam.I shall quote the text published at IRF website as “IRF:” and the analysis of the same as “Analysis:” The actual meanings of the mantras will be quotes as “Actual:”In the 20th book of Atharvaveda Hymn 127 Some Suktas (chapters) are known as Kuntap Sukta. Thus meaning the message of peace and safety and if translated in Arabic means Islam.1.By this logic, all books of spiritualism and self-help and their content would mean Islam!Only an enemy of both Hinduism and Islam can perpetrate such a crime.

Readers can review the Griffith translation of these mantras at decide themselves.

If we find mention of word “Krishna” in Mahabharat or Vedas, it does not mean, they prophesise about Lal Krishna Advani!

By that logic, Bible prophesises about all people born with name George and Islamic texts about people named Muhammad, Ali etc!

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Let us now critically examine the claim of Prophet in Vedas. option=com_content&view=article&id=201&Itemid=131Let me declare at outset that Vedas contain no history or geography whatsoever and contain description of fundamental principles governing life and universe in a variety of manner.

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