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Jay byars and chelsea meissner dating

"No one out here is gonna know that I'm a lawyer; I'm gonna withhold that from them.” Oh, Matt. Greg Smith – He’s a plastic surgeon and the oldest player this year at 64.

Something tells me o'le Matt J Quinlan, Esquire is going to blurt out something along the lines of, "Listen to me! He also starts off by introducing himself to Jeff as “Tarzan.” Umm, OK. I can tell you that none of the contestants so far need any of Greg’s skillz.

Bill Posley – His hair is part Sideshow Bob and something about makes me think of a love baby between Lenny Kravitz and Terrence Trent D’Arby.

Oh, and he’s a stand-up comedian, so DEFIITELY Sideshow Bob!

Obviously the teams living RIGHT next to each other is going to make for some interesting alliances, rivalries, conflicts and – judging by the total eye candy of the contestants that CBS rounded up this year – you can only imagine producers *hoping* for some romantical dalliances.

(Survivor has spawned its share of love-nesting; from Rob and Amber to Ethan and Jenna to last season’s Whitney and Keith; Whitney ignoring that minor little detail that she was still married back in the real world.) Jay Byars – Unlike the other guys that just look like they should be/want to be models, this dude actually IS a model and looks to be in great shape.

Traditionally groups are completely segregated – until challenge time – up until the tribes merge into one tribe near the end of the game.

This keeps them from really developing a relationship with the other tribe and makes for a lot of last minute scrambling, positioning and back-stabbing come merge time.

Matt Quinlan, attorney at law, immediate files a legal brief declaring a breach of contract. Dudes are NOT being affected by the good-looking ladies, and the boys all look DOWN to play. So hanging out with a bunch of macho dudes building shelters, working, bodies sweating and glistening in the sun, just hoping that a game of Ice on Mav beach volleyball will break out at any second isn't really his think. Though you can tell that unless it is acting like a pimp and negotiating fire for naked Monica dances, lots of things probably rub Alicia wrong. Sabrina, looking to take a bath in like 3 inches of stagnant water stumbles across the hidden immunity idol! Make sure you keep your arms to your chest and land on your back! But she gives him the idol and Coulton still loves him some Sabrina. “Don’t let [Matt] punk your ass, cause I want you to stay around.

Still of Leif Manson, Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson and Jay Byars in Survivor (2000)In the photo: Leif Manson (Net Worth ), Chelsea Meissner (Net Worth ), Kat Edorsson (Net Worth ), Jay Byars (Net Worth )Credits: Photo by CBS - © 2012 CBS BROADCASTING INC.

So, new season of my favorite TV reality show started last night: Survivor One World.

Initial impressions are that Christina is irritating; however, I totally dug Cindy Chiang from Amazing Race, so maybe Christina will win me over. He's a college student that comes off the truck looking like a white gay, preppy Carlton from Fresh Prince. ) When Jeff asks him what he thinks about the other guys he answers, “There’s some good looking guys out here…” Nancy is not gonna fit in with his uber masculine tribe fo' sho'. Michael Jefferson – His bio says he’s a banker, but he really looks like he’s trying to be a model or something. But then he goes on to describe his job: "There's definitely a lot involved in being a phlebotomist..is physically and mentally demanding; it is such demanding work..." Really? Cause all of the people that have ever drawn my blood have been borderline obese.

Monica Culpepper – I hate that she lists her occupation as “ex-NFL player’s wife” but she seems like a pretty tough chick and my initial impressions are pretty positive. He also reminds me a bit of Todd Herzog; if he makes it to the merge and finds his Courtney, he’ll be OK. Sigh...)Kat Edorsson – She’s obviously super cute and I love her hair cut, so there’s that. And she's young, so there is always room for some emotional "I can't believe this is SO hard! And he looks a good bit like Carson Daly if Carson were to spend more time at the gym and chest waxing center and way less time at the bank. Chelsea Meissner – On the one hand, this gal is from Charleston, SC, so I’m already kind of rooting for the home town girl.

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Funny people can be disarming and fit in to the social dynamic, so let’s hope he really is funny. Alicia Rose – She’s a Special Ed Teacher, so props for that, but there is some glint in her eye and set of her jaw/expression that just tells me she is going to be all kinds of irritating, arguing, trouble-causing and I already don’t like her. Pretty much the first thing he does is tell the camera that he is “Troyzan” of the jungle. Plus, swimsuit photographer doesn’t exactly scream king of the jungle.

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