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Indeed, Stewart let slip he did not receive an invitation to the singer’s wedding last September to South African gynaecologist Dr Mitch Besser.Guests included the actor Colin Firth and comedienne Ruby Wax.

She had moved from Aberdeen to study the flute at the Royal College of Music.

Jeff Fahey leaves behind the virtual reality of "The Lawnmower Man" to star in a film that places him in yet another dangerous realm: a "Serpent's Lair." Fahey plays a man who cannot resist temptation. The following review can be found at the IMDb entry for this film in the external links below: Here we have one of those nice young couples who have found the apartment they've been searching for, only it has a sinister past.

After the sexual encounter, however, he finds himself on the cusp of madness, and locked in a fray with Satan himself!

You get such a rock-bottom feeling that either you might as well cut your own throat or you start thinking about your own self-preservation.

Her four-year relationship with Stewart also fell victim to her breakdown and the pressures of working together.

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Some close to Lennox blamed her decision to reform The Eurythmics with Stewart in 1999 for her break-up, a year later, from husband number two, Israeli-born music and film producer Uri Fruchtmann.