Loveshack dating

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Loveshack dating

No — no contact is primarily about making your own wellbeing your number one priority.If you’ve been in contact with your ex during recent days and weeks you may have faced repeated rejection, disappointment and arguments followed by feelings of pain, confusion and despair. No contact is about cutting your losses and drawing the line. No contact is about accepting that you are no longer connected to your ex-girlfriend and letting go of the connection you once shared.The no contact rule, is advice routinely passed on to men going through a breakup in order to help them get started in their recovery process. Chances are, you’re going through a breakup and you’re having a hard time holding yourself together.I want to start off by saying that I am a big fan of the no contact rule, simply because it works. Your emotions are running the show, your ex-girlfriend is acting like she’s never acted before, and you’re pretty sure you couldn’t be feeling any worse.It’s not a social engineering tactic to pique her interest and plant a new seed of attraction.It is also not going to usher in the end of your suffering from one day to the next (although with time it will help you to feel better).No contact is about you deciding that you are going to take measures to no longer to get hurt by maintaining a relationship that hurts you more than it does you any good.

It’s more likely that you still have feelings for her and thus it will be impossible to be friends.

You are now, all of a sudden, an addict displaying some of the worst and most intense withdrawal symptoms, longing for another hit of the addictive substance: .

Not surprisingly, the best thing to do is to abstain from the addictive substance.

Secondly, if she really loves you, she’ll find a way to get in touch with you.

No contact does nothing to drive someone further away.

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