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Muslim live cam to cam sex

It's a ridiculous idea."Host Maher then added liberals should protect those who are being repressed regardless of who it offends.He went on to say this includes women forced to wear religious clothing, which led to Dawkins extraordinary comment.She claimed the debate is a lot more nuanced."Firstly, Muslim communities react with varying degrees with respect to homosexuality," she said."There are many, many gay Muslims — some whom practice, some who do not."The issue of same-sex marriage and the support of it varies depending on age, class and nationality.""The biggest reason why we don't vocally contribute to the public 'debate' is not only is it harmful to our same-sex attracted brothers and sisters, but because Australian Muslims hold no power in this debate," she said."Whether the Yes or No campaign is successful depends on the power of politicians and that is it."It would be an illusion to believe otherwise and that we, as Muslims, hold the power to influence that decision."Further, why would we be part of a 'debate', which is not a debate but a thinly veiled hate campaign, that is incredibly harmful to the LGBTQI community?

National Advocacy group Muslims for Progressive Values has expressed support for same-sex marriage and in August, Muslims for Marriage Equality was formed to build support for the Yes vote.Many live in fear, he said, and have to "endure violence from their families".Australia's first — and only — openly gay imam, Melbourne's Nur Warsame, received death threats after coming out and establishing an LGBT friendly mosque.Maher said: "We're on the side of the women's movement and poor and minorities and whatever.Gay people, the disabled, the abused, whatever Caitlyn (Jenner) is up to. "And they (liberals) applaud that but if you say something about a woman being forced to wear a beekeeper suit in the hot sun all day…"Dawkins then took over saying: "But that's 'their culture' and you have to accept it. Liberal about everything but this one exception, 'it's their culture'.

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and that includes some Christian sects as well." Even though it was the Australian Christian Lobby that led the charge against the Safe Schools program, Mr Kadri said Muslims were also deeply concerned about the possible impact of any legislative changes on education."A lot of Muslim community are concerned that religious rights will be trampled in Islamic schools [and that they] will have to follow a national curriculum that will teach things that go against the fundamentals of their religion, so they are concerned about it," he said."There are people in the Muslim community who want to know the facts."Will it have an impact on Safe Schools or not?

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