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In a court appearance on Tuesday, Bibi told reporters that she was furious over her parents' decision to marry her to a man she did not wish to wed."I repeatedly asked my parents not to marry me against my will as my religion, Islam, also allows me to choose the man of my choice for marriage but my parents rejected all of my pleas and they married me to a relative," Bibi said, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities said most of the 0,000 ransom which was paid has been recovered.

A statement by the Pakistani Foreign Office, released to said: “The High Commissioner was informed that Pakistan, in line with the UN Charter, rejects actions and advertisements with malicious content that impinge on our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Pakistan is aware of the intentions of such sinister and malicious campaigns, which should not be allowed on the soil of a friendly country”.

That's when Shahid Lashari, the new bride's boyfriend who she continued secretly dating after she was married, provided Bibi with a poisonous substance, which she mixed into milk and tried to serve to him.

Her husband refused to drink it, but Bibi's mother-in-law later spotted the tainted beverage and used it to make lassi, a traditional yogurt-based drink, which she then served to 27 people.

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Sadly, all 27 of the family members who consumed the beverage fell ill and were hospitalized.

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