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That started me thinking about what Jared Padalecki is doing next year. We could turn Alums Although Graham is excited to explore Sarah in the absence of romance, she's still got a few casting suggestions should Katims want the character to find love again."I think I've dated everyone now in the world of , so a lot of times we'll get excited about a new character and someone will describe them as a 'Michael B.cast all expressed some degree of frustration regarding NBC's treatment of the show."There are all these people responding to our show and NBC is completely out of it," Nelson said."I love working with Matt, I would love nothing more than to work with him all next season too.

If you're wondering if you're a sociopath, you can tune into Parenthood and if you feel nothing, seek psychiatric help immediately," he laughed.

'" renewal seem good, so I asked Katims what storylines he'd be interested in exploring further next year.

"I'm interested to see what happens with Ryan and Amber.

So it's a little strange because I also worked with Scott Patterson on "I have such specific memories with each one, so it never occurred to me that could ever happen," Graham laughed of the pairing.

"It's like two people you once dated now dating each other.

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When she was an intern at T&S Footwear, Gordon specifically choose her to accompany him to a shoe convention, where she kicked butt, which gave her a much-needed, confidence boost.

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