Partnership liquidating distribution and example

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I'll let you read the specific proposals, but Vanguard's board is recommending votes against both. stocks were quick out of the gate during the first quarter, the lost decade is still in play.Read More At the start of the year, I told you that 2017’s catchphrase would be the “lost decade,” only this time it would be foreign stocks we’d be talking about. Read More My Hot Hands strategy is a mechanical, momentum-based strategy that relies on the idea that hot hands stay hot and that what's worked over the past 12 months should work over the next 12.The cynic in me says it doesn't matter how we and other FFSA members vote, because most Vanguard customers are simply going to vote however the Directors say they should.However, as Jeff and I have been getting emails and calls from subscribers asking how we suggest they vote, I figured we should give you our recommendations.If the new global funds can follow in the footsteps of their domestic siblings, it will be a win-win for investors and Vanguard.But that’s a big “if.” Read More With all the hoo-ha over the changing of the guards at Vanguard—Buckley as President, CEO and board member; Davis as CIO; and Hollyer as Global Fixed Income chief—you could be excused for missing the last two proxy proposals buried in the document that will be voted on by mail or at a shareholder meeting on Nov. One shareholder proposal concerns genocide-free investing, and the other concerns climate change.

And next week brings the 30th anniversary of one of the more frightening single days in modern Wall Street history: Black Monday, Oct. What lessons can investors take away from these "red letter" days?

It was just last month that Vanguard trimmed the management responsibilities at Explorer Value from three to two firms by firing Sterling Capital Management, something I dealt with in the July 2016 issue of Vanguard's been making a lot of hay lately with news that its expense ratios continue to decline.

But it's all a matter of how and when you choose to measure them.

This past month was no exception, as we've received a number of questions about high-yield bonds, and weren't able to find room in the newsletter for a complete response.

But we heard your questions and concerns, and didn't want to delay sharing our thoughts.

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Read More Vanguard is looking for your vote on a series of shareholder proposals.