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A number of people are arrested in Brussels in relation to the Paris attack.Belgian prosecutors later confirmed they have opened an anti-terrorist investigation based on a car that was hired in Belgium and was found near the Bataclan concert hall.The attackers were heard mentioning Syria and Iraq during the massacre.An emotional French president Francois Hollande, who was earlier evacuated from the Stade de France, closed the borders and declared a state of national emergency.There are also a number of in-game communication methods across various titles.While these systems may, as Jambon suggested, be more difficult to decrypt than other smartphone or web-based communication methods, it's possible that their breadth also makes them more difficult to monitor, or that security services have not given them as much attention as the likes of Whats App.The Play Station Network's privacy policy is relatively standard, saying it will share information with law authorities "when we believe in good faith that the law requires disclosure or that disclosure is necessary to protect or enforce the rights, property, safety, or security of ourselves or others".It has also been speculated that messages could be drawn out within games, rather than written, in creative ways such as firing patterns of bullets at a wall.

Even if many of them didn't come with their own instant-messaging facility, I could communicate with my fellow extremists by playing a pre-agreed opening, that they knew how to interpret. the first explosion went off near the Stade de France, where president Francois Hollande was at a football match between France and Germany. The body of a terrorist was found at the scene wearing a suicide belt filled with shrapnel.

Practically all internet communication services have been, at one time or another, accused of being a network used by terrorists.

GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan said last year that Twitter, Facebook and Whats App have become "command and control networks... Security researcher Graham Cluley wrote: "Anything which allows two people to exchange messages (whether it be by talking, typing, or waving semaphore flags at each other in a 3D virtual environment) could potentially be used by terrorists to communicate.

The French military were called into the centre of Paris.

President Obama delivered a speech at the White House, expressing solidarity with the people of Paris and calling the attacks terrorist acts.

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' Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' and ' The Greatest Showman' join ' Star Wars: The Last Jedi' in the holiday parade on Wednesday, followed by ' Pitch Perfect 3,' ' Downsizing' and ' Father Figures' on Friday.