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And on a bit of a more inquisitive level: Why is she dating him? How does a mega pop star relate to someone with far less fame and can it possibly last? Swift's army, and to be honest, we may never get our answers.thing we know about the singer, it's that her girl squad it everything to her.So, whether you're throwing a Coachella party or hanging out on her birthday, you better understand that her pals are always by her side.

Marriage isn’t the only way to live in community, but it’s a good one.

Dating is about finding out if this person’s brokenness can fit in with your brokenness. If you’re “hanging out” with someone intentionally and pursuing him or her, then call it what it is. Don’t lead someone on if you’re not interested in them.

Don’t stall and waste someone else’s time because you’re not ready to commit.

DO Show Your Love for Her Cats: She has two—Meredith and Olivia—and they're like her children.

DON'T Expect to Walk the Red Carpet Together: The pop star has never made a "red carpet debut" with any of her previous boyfriends.

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While you shouldn't entertain the media, you definitely can't crumble when all eyes are on you. So while we may not know everything about Swift and Alwyn, we're hoping he meets the criteria necessary to continue dating the super star.