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Most of us have made a plan to visit Goa with our friends at least once, and it is entirely possible that the plan never saw the light of the day!

Although there is no shortage of hotels and homestay facilities in the coastal state, not everyone has a budget to afford these and more often than not; these trips end up just being a dream.

In the lecture he says A sudden digitalisation in an emerging economy like ours will be devastating for the poor.

This is what seems to be happening with the aadhaar-based biometric card authentication which the economist Jean Dreze says is being pushed relentlessly by the central government For further details click here 17 Dec. Three years ago, multitudes of Catholics filed past the relics of St Francis Xavier at the decadal exposition It is, however, a known fact that the relics are missing many body parts, one of them being the arm and hand of the Saint, which was cut off and sent to the Jesuit Mother Church Gesu in Rome on the request of the Superior General of that order.

Jacqueline Fernandez is Sri Lankas most charming unofficial ambassador to India in recent times and the lovely lady has proved to be a credit to the island nation by winning the hearts and minds of millions there She has also acted in an English film made in Britain and an English film shot in Sri Lanka Jacquelines father Elroy Fernandez is a Sri Lankan whose great grandparents had come to this Island from the Konkan coast in India more than a century ago when Goa was a colony of Portugal.

His ancestors settled on the Western coast and inter-married with others thereby evolving into the community known as Burghers For further details click here 13 Dec: Architectural Digest.

Godinho was replying to a question from Congress MLA Francisco Silveira in the state legislative Assembly For further details click here 16 Dec: Times of India.

Former deputy commissioner of customs and central excise, Bengaluru, Jose Francisco Xavier Ferrao, then 13, reminisces about the day the Indian Army entered Goa For further details click here 16 Dec: Live Mint. Each successive tourist season, it becomes more painfully obvious that the hospitality sector of this once-optimally blessed sunshine statewhich consistently ranked amongst Indias most successful global brandshas lost much of its shine.

Until recently, Goa held considerable allure for a marvellously mixed clientele from around India and the world. According to the latest study conducted by the market research division of the Union ministry of tourism, this formerly fabled destination ranks a lowly ninth in the country in terms of popularity with foreigners visiting India. Most Cherished & Beloved Husband of Late Maria ldinha Godinho Pereira.

Here, the accused, after sending victims huge salary offers, ask them to deposit money in a bank account as visa fees or work permit fees.

These accounts are mostly based in northeastern states.

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More ominously, it failed to register in the top 10 favourites amongst domestic travellers as well According to the states own statistics, the average visitor from abroad spends four times as much as the average Indian, despite the fact that some foreign visitors travel on shoestring budgets Many of the Indian tourists proceed to strip to Y-fronts, then wallow dangerously in the surf Not to be outdone, the boozing men urinate in the open. For further details click here 17 Dec: International Business Times. Devoted Father/Father in law to Elsa, Amanda, Astrid/Savio. Brother/Brother in Law of Late Olga / late Arthur Lobo, Angela/Late Peter Claver Fernandes. Retired Lt Commander Pakistan Navy Passed away after a short illness at the age of 67.