X men pietro and x 23 dating fanfiction hector gavilla dating

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X men pietro and x 23 dating fanfiction

The Women of X-Men: Evolution had a larger fan following, especially in Season 2 with Amara, Tabitha, Jean, Kitty, and Rogue which came mostly from their time as the Bayville Sirens during the show's run Ororo and Mystique also became quite popular.

The popularity of X-23, a character originally created for the show (as like with Harley Quinn in BTAS) became comic Earth-616 canon in 2003.

Along with canon ships (both the show canon and sometimes canon influenced by the comics) being popular, fanon ships were also quite popular.In Season 4 has Apocalypse defeating Magneto, Xavier and Storm, transforming them, along with Mystique (who had been believed to be dead) into his Four Horsemen. During the height of the fandom (2000-2003), fanworks were mainly found on Fan Fiction.With the combined efforts of the X-Men (including the New Recruits), Brotherhood, Acolytes, and the Morlocks, they are able to defeat Apocalypse and the Horsemen return to normal. Net, a couple mailing lists, and fansites (mostly on Geocities), later it moved onto Livejournal.Other reasons later came after the mutants were revealed to the world, becoming even bigger jerk (although Jean finally broke up with him).Shipping was a very important part of the X-Men: Evolution fandom.

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The fandom is differentiated from the X-Men comics fandom because many canonical details were changed for the animated series due to their target audience being much younger, and as such a lot of differences occurred between Evolution and the comics.

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